Fine! You DOn't Need My Business

you are partaking in your addiction :inlove:
and you even brought enough needles for half the patrons to share
sounds dangerous to me

Thanks folks, I thought it was pretty stupid. Ah well, I know to not stop there again.

Same thing in museums. I have to open my bag for some stranger to inspect with a flashlight, while the man I’m with may have all manner of bad stuff in his coat pocket. I know it’s not the guard’s fault, but some day I’m going to put a mousetrap in there.

:roflhard: Why not just a mouse? :teehee:

[COLOR=“Blue”]Why do people ask this question??? There’s gotta be a “here’s your sign” answer to this, right?

If she was worried about weapons in your bag, you should’ve told her that they allow knitting needles on airplanes!!! :mrgreen: [/COLOR]

Knitting needles as weapons. Hmmm… What are they? The TSA?


This is a prime example of people who can’t see the trees for the forest! :doh:

It was very inhospitable for her to disallow you (with your knitting bag) into the bar. Talk about senseless.

you had to go thru that. IMO, ever since 9/11 happened, people are just trying to be more careful. Granted, you offered to have the bag checked so I don’t understand her reasoning (maybe she had taste tested too many drinks). When I was on jury duty last month, I took my knitting in to past the time. I put needles and yarn into a clear ziploc bag and sent it thru the machine that checks for weapons. The deputy asked me what was I making and let me go. :knitting:

No, I’m not knitting…I thought they were serving chinese food tonight!..HERE’S YOUR SIGN :eyes:

Wow, some business people just don’t get it.

The “purse” that I carry is actually a messenger bag, it’s huge with lots of pockets because I don’t have a car so I need to be able to carry everything with me. I’ve never had anyone ask me to check my bag and I’ve often wondered at the double standard.

Yep, I wouldn’t be going back to that place again… I’m sure you will always be able to find friendlier bars to “accidentally walk into”.
Stay safe on the road…

Maybe I just look like trouble, who knows? Even if I hadn’t had my backpack with me, or had left it outside, it wouldn’t have really made a difference as far as what she thought she was trying to accomplish as I had a knife in my pocket and another in my boot (enough years on the road and you learn to prepare).

Really now, does this sort of crap really make any sense at all?

I just left a place I accidentally walked into in Carlisle., PA. As soon as I sat down the bartender, Janie, came over and asked me what I was making this time (working on a Palindrome scarf). She asked this before I had even opened my pack and even before she asked me what I was drinking (as if she didn’t already know).

Some places are just not as customer friendly as others. While I will continue to accidentally walk into this place in Carlisle, just as I’ve been doing for years, I won’t accidentally walk back into that other place and spend my money.

well, a lot of non-knitters don’t know the difference between knitting & crochet or other yarn crafts.

But really - no bags allowed? Too strange! How about the woman behind you whos purse was the same bag as your WIP bag???

I went on a cruise a few years ago. When my knitting bag went thru the x-ray machine they said I had scissors in there that they had to see. They were little kid blunt point scissors. We stopped and started going thru the bag to show the scissors to them…no scissors. We dumped the bag out on the counter…no scissors. He ran his hand all over inside the bag…no scissors. After about 10 minutes he finally gave up and let us go. We got on the ship and I went to start knitting…there were the scissors, lol. I have no idea where they were hiding before. :mrgreen: BTW, son’s metal toed shoes kept setting the thing off in each port too, lol.

OK I have to say that I’ve been to places where you aren’t allowed to carry your bag with you, but honestly none were in the US, all were stores (where they were worried about people stealing stuff), and they had little cubbies just inside the door for people to put their stuff in rather than leaving it outside. The one place had a security guard there to make sure that you only left with your purchases and YOUR bag.
But a bar in texas? seriously? I mean, I can take ALL of my metal needles through US security checkpoints… you would think you could take yours into a bar.

But a bar in texas? seriously? I mean, I can take ALL of my metal needles through US security checkpoints… you would think you could take yours into a bar.

Yeah, you would think… :roflhard:

My BF is a knife collector and I just knew he would like this comment so I showed it to him and he asks “What kinda knives is he carrying?” :roflhard:

Smith & Wesson spring assist SWAT lockblade (razor sharp) and a Ka-Bar boot knife usually but I have others as well.