Fine! You DOn't Need My Business

I accidentally walked into a bar in El Paso the other day and the bartender told me I couldn’t carry a backpack into the place.

Huh? This was my little knitting pack. A one strap, small, day pack. I always carry my WIP in this pack.

We “discussed” it for a couple of minutes with me at one point explaining to her what was in the pack and offering to allow her to inspect it. She declined and told me that I would have to leave the pack outside the door.

No way! I was not going to leave my pack, which contained my WIP as well as my entire set of Options outside the door, in the rain, for someone to steal.

Besides, I wanted to work on my WIP while enjoying a cold beer.

End of story, I told her where she could step off and I returned to my truck to watch a DVD and work on my WIP. To heck with her and her crappy little bar.

I just left a much nicer crappy little bar in MO where they not only didn’t object to my pack but expressed a lot of interest in my WIP.

One guy asked me if I was knitting (well obviously I was) and said it was cool and that I was too big to say anything else even if he didn’t think it was cool. :rofl:

I ain’t spending any time in any place that doesn’t allow me to knit. To heck with them, I can spend my money elsewhere.

I can understand the no backpack rule in some places, but a bar? Did they think you were going to smuggle a drink out in it??:doh:

Wow, that seems a bit much…I mean I can understand like a duffel bag, but a small little bag. And I don’t get why she wouldn’t just let you just unzip it and hand her the bag to look through. Ah well, at least you know where NOT to go the next time you’re in El Paso! :teehee:

And if you don’t mind me asking, where at in MO? We have quite a few nice little crappy bars where I’m at…haha

Their excuse was that people carry weapons in them. I offered to allow her inspect it for a weapon but she declined.

The Horseshoe Saloon in Joplin.

Ah, a little ways away from me, I’m on the other side of MO, just outside STL.

Wow, they must be doing really good business to be able to turn people away like that! Come on lady, inspect the bag and get over your little power play!

I could understand that in some bad bars in some states because of weapons. But not in Texas where people are more likely to be carrying CCW on their body and I bet the majority have a knife in their pocket or on their belt.

Personally I tend to avoid places were trouble is likely, and a bar that has a policy like that has it because trouble is likely.

What about women carrying purses? Do they have a little tree outside where you leave your purse before you enter? How ridiculous. Too bad you didn’t have a group of knitters with you to stage a massive walk-out.

Good for you! I’m glad you found a NICE bar to have a beer and knit. If I wasn’t so poor right now, I’d be tempted to do that on Sunday so I can watch the game, too. Guess I’ll just stay home and do all three instead! :slight_smile:

How ridiculous! So if we (a bunch of musicians) went into El Pao with our instruments - in gig bags, many of which look like backpacks - they wouldn’t let us in???

That is always my question.

There are all sorts of little shops downtown TO that want ppl to leave their bags up front, but my purse is essentially a little tiny messenger bag. I can fit small merchandise in that…

And I am certainly not going to leave it up front, and no one ever asks…but it does bring up that question…

As for a bar…weapons don’t just come in bags! They are more likely to come concealed in clothing! I don’t assume the woman was frisking everyone as they came in! Besides, you were perfectly open about letting her see what was in there!

She is running a bar, not an airport!

I found it most hilarious that you “accidenty” walked into the bar…

Excellent point! You know when we go to Disneyland they check all the backpacks and purses, but they never have men empty out their pockets. :noway:

Mason, you’re just gonna have to get one of those [B]CLEAR BACKPACKS[/B] that the kids carry to school. :rofl:

Or carry you knitting in my ‘fancy pants’ option: A plastic shopping bag or a zip lock bag… Works real well- until I poke too many holes in it.

Man, I hate it when I “accidentally” walk into a bar. :teehee:

Anyways, that whole situation sucks. But at least you found a friendlier place to go.

Because knitting needles are such awful, deadly weapons. :teehee: That’s awful, but I’m glad you found somewhere else to go.

Now, if that were me, I would have been tempted to get a receipt from the bar that actually wanted my business and taken it to the first bar to let her know how much money she lost. But that’s just me. :aww:

Wow! She should really look before she sits on a briar patch! WHAT’S HER PROBLEM!?

I was just thinking, if your bag looked like it held a laptop, she probably wouldn’t have said a word! Laptop implies “professional image.” I know you have one, for use on the road. Why not pack the knitting in with the laptop, instead of a backpack?

Penny stock picks

You should have poked her with a knitting needle.

What a power tripper.

Some people have lost sight of common sense.

I too was thinking about women and their purses. My cousin carries a purse so big it sets of the airbag sensors in the passenger seat :roflhard: Is a bar going to ask her to leave her purse outside and expect it to be there when its time to pay the bill?