Fine Alpaca Yarn Help

I purchased some alpaca yarn on ebay and it is very pretty and soft but very very fine… gage suggest 3 or 4 size needles… anyone have any pattern ideas for this very fine yarn??


It sounds like it would look lovely knitted into something lacy, if you’re up for that.

c nutter… Hi. I just met a lady who has alpacas and spins her yarn. I bought one skein yesterday for $9. Did you pay a lot less? Is it pure alpaca? I’m going to knit a scarf to show her and I’m looking for patterns too. I want something simple but a little different. I’m thinking of doing a simple scarf but with a row of leafs down the middle, or hearts.

Let me know if you find an interesting pattern and how you like working with it. cheers, Vic


I bought 20 skeins for about $100. 10 earth orange and 10 red… i like the look and feel of it, but its is very fine yarn… it is made in puru for this specific internet company… here is the link to their store…

let me know if you find any interesting patterns as well!!


TONS more lacey patterns here:

Some great patterns there Kelly! Thank you so much.

I like the Cherry Blossoms and Marnie’s scarf a lot.
I only have one skein though! so I have to be careful. I’m thinking of either the 2 above or another idea I had in mind is a really plain scarf (I guess stockinette) but with a row of leaves going down the middle.
Haven’t seen anything like that except um… the Backyard Leaves scarf that FiberGirl is making, or made I mean. That’s so pretty but I probably don’t have enough yarn.

Cassie, what great prices! I can’t wait to see how it feels, they say alpaca is 3 times warmer. Sounds good to me.

ON second thought, I was just reading this guys blog or comments on (neveer heard of it before) and he reminded me stockinette will curl. Seed stitch might be better. I love seed stitch, the way it looks, not the work… but going to check those patterns out again from Kelly first…

Thanks so much for the pattern websites… they are awesome… great ideas for my yarn… i also found several sweater and a few felted bag i MUST make…

cassie :XX: