Finding the center thread

Try as I might, I have yet to pull the center thread out of a new skein and have resorted to unrolling the whole skein as I go along. Any tips to finding that end of the yarn? Thanks oh wise ones…

I usually just reach in the center and pull out a bunch, I always use at least that much on any project.

I pull out a bunch and then have to wrap all of that stuff around the skein. I have a ballwinder, though, so I usually just go ahead and wind it up.

I often find that skiens arent designed to be centre pull, especially those which are loosely wrapped and quite soft. In those cases i either re-wind into a definate centre-pull ball (causing lots of entertainment when i had a particularly long skein stretched between my BF’s hand and my foot so i had a free hand to wind and he had a free hand for his beer), or just use it from the outside in.

When there is a definate centre hole in the skein then i will just reach in with a couple of fingers and pull out the loosest lump. There sometiems seems like a lot of yardage, but it gets used up quick enough that i dont worry about it being tangled.

Yeah, what they all said - I just reach in and pull out a chunk and find the end - aka yarn puke. (enjoy the visual!)

I have plenty of experience like the others have said. :slight_smile: But occasionally I do get the center pull thread right at the beginning. You can’t always tell [U]which[/U] end you ought to be diving into, and one will work and the other won’t (on some at least). On some skeins there is a bit tucked into the end that is really wrapped on the outside and you need to pull that end out of the middle and see that it gets wrapped around the outside. Then you dive into the other end of the skein. This may be more common on the more low end type yarns that are more sausage shaped. Also kind of opening the skein up with your fingers and really going right for the smack dab center of the beast can help. Nothing seems to work all the time. Good luck.

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Marilyn - I will never think of the center pull of yarn the same again.:ick: