Finding the beginning/end row

I need to know how to find the begninning or end of a row on circular needles. I have been knitting until the sweater I am making is 13.5" long (for my toddler). Now the pattern wants me to k within 3 sts of marker, p6, k to within 3 sts of marker, p6, k to end of round. (This part I understand.) How do I know I’m at the end of the round?


My first guess would mean, you just knit right up to the marker then…rather than to “within x stitches” of the marker. Once you reach your marker, you’ve completed a round.

Ingrid? Do you concur?


Wait, I’m confused. Where are the markers? Is there a marker at the end of the round, or elsewhere?

whew,… i was afraid i was the only one who was wondering that.

Do you have markers in the work already? if you do where did you put them in?

I’m thinking that you’re wondering if those three purl stitches are the end of the round or the marker is. What are the next directions?

Sorry about the questions about the markers. There are two markers at the center of the side of the sweater. I had to cast on stitches to create the side of the sweater. In the middle of the cast on stitches I had to place markers.

So the question remains, how do I tell when I get to the end of a row when using a circular needle?

thanks for the responses!


well just in general you normally should place a marker at the beginning of the row when you join after casting on. usually placing one of a different color than the others you will be using is helpful so you know which one is the beginning of the row.

on those occasions when i have been too lazy to deal with cutting a piece of yarn or to look for a marker, i have just followed the line up from where my cast on tail is and gone with that. it may be off a stitch or two but i am usually content with it being “close enough.”

now if that is different in your situation, i don’t know. :thinking: