Finding my place again

Hello! I an wondering, I have a pattern for a scarf that is theoretically going well. It is a simple bias garter stitch scarf. My problem comes when I switch over to the SS part. I always seem to get distracted and drop a stitch or P when I should K. Sometimes I don’t even notice it until I get to the next row and then I can’t find my place again to fix it. I end up frogging the whole thing and starting over. How can I find my place again so that I don’t have to frog everytime?

When you notice on the next row it’s easy to fix. Take the st out of the loop and put it back the correct way. You can look at the Tips page under Fixing Mistakes for videos to show various methods without ripping out the whole thing. And If dropping a stitch to fix it makes you nervous, you can just rip back to where you changed from garter to stockinette, put the needles back in and start from there. Or you could just leave it and call it your own design. Continually ripping back and starting over can be very frustrating and sometimes it’s just better to keep knitting. When you’re done, you have your very own unique scarf.