Finding Mason posts

How can I find the postings of Mason?

Are you a Mason groupie? He’s kind of like the lesser known Jonas brother… I just did a search for ‘mason’ because I didn’t remember his user name, which is Knitter_Guy. Once I found a post by him, I clicked on his user name, which brings up his profile and one of the things you can do from there is “Find all posts by user”

But really, are you a groupie or a stalker? :roflhard:

Yeah, what? :??

I moved this post because it wasn’t a question about how to do something in knitting. It belongs in the General Forum.

If we are all groupies for Mason, we should post squeals of delight when he returns. (God, I’ve been teaching middle school kids WAY too long!)

I was telling a guy friend of mine … yes guys knit… and wanted to show him knitting guy.

Find the thread about guy knitters and you can show him more than one.

Here you go,

Mason has a blog on Joeuser/

when ever my 10 year old granddaughter visits
she always asks whats mason up to
he was a show and tell topic at school
she calls him the big truck driver who knits

if you’re soliciting additional groupies, count me in! :heart::grphug::heart:

Errr, ummmm, who knew? Groupies? Me?

Aw, shucks.


Think of them as minions, Mason. Has a better ring to it…

It’s the cool beard! Although the awesome stories don’t hurt… :wink: Yay Mason groupies/minions!

That’s hilarious!!:roflhard:

I love it! Mason’s minions…that does sound cool! :woohoo:

Here is Mason’s Raverly page TheKnittingGuy

Me two too (groupie/minion)!

I’m a Mason groupie wannabe.

I love that your blog is so real - about your real, daily life and that you share the tender details. (so un-manly of you, really - even my DH of 30 years never shares details, hehe).

I always look forward to your talks, so now I’ve bookmarked your blog, along with just a few of my favorite friends’ blogs…