Finding Errata

Has anyone seen any corrections for the Snowflake Slippers in the book Knit Handmade Style by Janine Flew?
I had the book here and typed out a copy of the pattern to make (so as not to mark up the book when I take notes), and a while after finally getting one started I sent the book to lady somewhere in Texas who was wanting the book. Now I’ve got most of the first slipper done and found that the stitches are not matching what the pattern says (I check off each row as I do it so I know I haven’t forgotten anything) I am not able to go anywhere to check the book for any information and someone told me that she heard there were problems with that pattern.
Are there any corrections for this pattern posted anywhere that you know of? Thank you for any help you can give. ~Tricia

Someone on the knitters review forum posted about the snowflake. I couldn’t find errata, but you might try contacting the publisher:

Thank you so much. I will do that. I really appreciate your help. Let’s hope they can help me out with this.