Finding corrections for pattern errors

has anyone got a trick for finding errata in published patterns?

in Nicky Epstein’s book Knitting on the Edge?
or Vogue’s new Cables and Knit and Purl books?

thanks –

well i found this on Knitter’s review for the NE book when I googled. Didn’t really look too much for anything else.

Looks like the same thing “worked” for the other books but it doesn’t look like a HUGE success… just here and there stuff.

Have you tried the publishers maybe? :shrug:

I found this on vogue… its a drop down menu but I don’t see the Nicki book listed… like brendajos I googeld and came up pretty much empty handed for that one… They do have a contact page that you might be able to fill out and see if the can help you that way… :happydance:

Try Here

thank you all –
helpful resources…