Finding Cable Needles

So being a newbie and all…I’m finally finishing my scarf and decided to move onto a cabled poncho. I went to Wal-Mart last night to buy some yarn and cable needles…only they don’t have cable needles, nor do they have knitting needles in a size 10.5…Grrrrrr…
Guess I need to consider myself a “real knitter” and move onto Micheal’s and shop there.
P.S. Those of you in the DFW area, watch your mail for the junk flyers…Micheal’s is putting out a 40% off coupon…good on anything!:woohoo:

or you could check out Knit picks… they have some nice cableneedles…and the option or harmony interchangeableset…that way you would have all the needles in the one place…there are other interchangeable setsout there too :happydance:

Do you have any double point needles? I use those instead of cable needles.

You don’t have to use cable needles, I use dpns, other needles, chopsticks, opened paper clips, pencils… whatever’s handy.

The size of the cable needle doesn’t matter if it’s a smaller diameter than the needle you’re using to knit the rest with, as it’s just to hold the stitches for a few minutes. If you are knitting the rest on a 10.5, I’d use a tapestry needle or toothpick…

I’ve used a toothpick often (in a pinch).

I oftenuse a big paper-clip that I undo.

I like it the Marine method of knitting - adapt and over come. I am just starting and my wife laughts when she looks at my knitting. Rubber band, paper clips, safety pins as markers. I pick up what ever is at hand that will do what is needed. Next stop at MLYS and I might get the “official” item if it is creative enough.

I tried actual cable needles and they didn’t work too well for me. They kept falling out. I ended up using a stitch holder that looks like a big safety pin. I don’t have DPNs but I imagine those would work well, too.


I need 10.5 Knitting needles…as far as the cable needles…what are DPNs? I’ve heard those mentioned to use in place of cable needles. So size doesn’t matter when using an object to make the cable stitches? Sorry first time attempting cable…:teehee:

Ah, cables! You’re in for a treat!
As Lucy mentioned, the size of the cable needle doesn’t matter, just as long as it’s smaller in diameter than your knitting needles.
DPNs are double-pointed needles. You can pick buy them in packs of 4 or 5. They do make great cable needles (as well as the other household objects mentioned.;)). The best part is, when you’re done with your cabled poncho, you can use them to make matching socks!

Look here and scroll to the bottom. I got my dowels at Walmart in the craft section and it works wonderfully.

sometimes i use a stitch holder.

Depending on how many stitches are in your cables, you may not even need a holder! Amy has a video on this site for cabling without a cable needle.

I used to use a cable needle, but when I could not find mine, I used a DPN and now that is all I use.

JMO - but it is easier that the cable needle.

SSSHHH!!! Don’t tell the knitting police!!! I don’t use cable needles.:knitting: :noway:
I’m gonna be posting a video on Youtube here pretty soon (as soon as I get my son to stay in one place long enough for him to video me as I do this) showing how to do this without cable needles and without rearranging stitches.
At least up to a c6

Fibrenut, let us know when it’s posted. Everytime I try it, it gets messed up.

And look herefor cabling [COLOR=“Red”]without[/COLOR] a cable needle. :happydance:

oooo, too kewl KG, but I do them without ever taking any of the stitches off the needle til your done knitting the cable (those floppin stitches scare me:zombie: ) Yeah ya have to do some knitting gymnastics but hey. If it works it’s all good!! :thumbsup:

Yes fibernut please let us know when you get that up!

I use double points too! Wish I had thought about using tooth picks… I am making a pair of socks in a lace pattern and I really wanted to make it in cable, but it’s using size 1 needles and I only have one set of double points in that size…

Sigh… well now I know for next time…:knitting: