Finding Amy's videos when I need them

Is there a way to search for a particular video on this site? I haven’t found a way to do it. I never seem to be able to find the video I want, when I want it. If I go to the Knitting Help youtube channel I can search and usually find it, but I’d really like to not have to do it that way. What am I missing?

I suppose you (the Royal “You”) could copy all of the kinks into a blog thread… if you have that kind of patience. :teehee:

There’s a video tab at the top of the page… Mostly the sections are self explanatory. Increases, decreases, cast ons and advanced techniques like fair isle, intarsia, DPN, etc. Tips are fixing mistakes, joining, center pull ball,… You remember them on your own after awhile. :lol:

I don’t use YouTube for KH videos. I use the app or the forum video tab.

Do you have an example? I went to the search box and the very top of the screen (all the way to the right) and typed in:

[COLOR=“DarkRed”][B]video: cast on[/B][/COLOR]

…and it came back with a list of videos about casting on.

But not all the videos are listed on the video page. On the Increases page there used to be links to the purl increases below the descriptions and link for the knit ones. I’ve asked if those links can be put in somewhere because telling someone that m1p is the same as m1k except you purl it often doesn’t work for everyone.

The Glossary page also has links to many of the videos that aren’t covered by the main Video pages - ptbl, double decreases, k-b for k1below and several others. That’s probably the best index we have though.

Usually search functions search the whole site, or at least offer the option of searching the whole site. Try it with a video you know isn’t on the video tab and see if it gives you the results you expect.

Usually search functions search the whole site, or at least offer the option of searching the whole site. Try it with a video you know isn’t on the video tab and see if it gives you the results you expect.

Oh I’m sure. I was replying to Jan’s post to go to the Video tabs and see the links to the different sections there - Cast ons, Knit, Purl, Increases, Decreases, Cast off, Tips and Advanced Techniques. I still have trouble remembering if certain videos I know are here are on the Tips or Adv Techniques page

I hadn’t noticed that, Sue. I see there are some links on the glossary page though so that is certainly something to check if you don’t find what you want. The app has some on the specific section fortunately.

I decided to try the circular gauge swatch video and tried searching for it, no videos came up but there were threads. I think I’m just dense. I never remember which section some videos are in. The cast ons or increases and decreases are pretty easy to find but some are just more elusive. I’ll just not worry about it and post links for whatever videos I find. It’s just that I’d rather post links for KH videos whenever I can.

Try the Tips page for it, maybe Adv Techniques.

Getting Started

I have a very short attention span and find it I forget what I was looking for or get sidetracked. I’ll just stick with youtube in the main. It’s not a big deal to me, I was just curious.

Thanks to everyone who has responded!

The videos should come up near the top of the search results, but you have to make sure you are using the site search and not the forum search. The site search is in the upper right corner across the top of all the pages on the site (the red bar). If you use the forum search it will only give you forum posts and threads.

Now that said, the site search does leave something to be desired. We are planning on rolling our own search (right now we outsource that to google) with the plan of making the search more accurate and useful, particularly when it comes to finding specific vides by name, aka, and abbreviation. The KH iPhone app is much better than the website in this regard and our hope is to bring the search features of the app to the website.

The site currently has 163 videos (and growing)! So we definitely want to make it easier for folks to find things.

Thanks for your patience as we work and re-work things on KnittingHelp.

Sheldon, thank you for your personal attention and reply. I hope you understand that I wasn’t complaining. I really thought I was missing something. I think I used the wrong Search field too. No matter how well planned and run a site is, you can’t ID10T proof it. I really like Amy’s videos so much I like to make sure others get to see them too. We all know Knitting Help is the best!

I put in [B]video: gauge[/B] in the red search box at the very top of the page (located above all the tabs, just below the red banner with Knitting Help ads) and got this:

There some google ads at the top, but the first link right below those is Circular Gauge Swatch |, “How to knit a gauge swatch for your “knit in the round” project. Also a couple of tips for skipping the gauge swatch altogether! Category: knitting in the round …”

I hope that helps. :thumbsup:

I use this technique for google searches too; you can put in a website, with a colon, and google will only search there rather than the entire internet.

[B]knittinghelp: gauge video[/B] =>

Second item from the top. :slight_smile:

No, I definitely didn’t take it as a complaint. I am glad you brought up this discussion as it’s something that has been bothering me. The site has grown a lot over the years and new content has been added. This is great for folks who browse the site. But, as you found out, it can be hard for people to find a specific video they once saw somewhere on the site. We want to be people’s GoTo site for knitting help. So any feedback we receive from users to facilitate that is more than welcome! Thank you!

Sheldon, if you want someone to test drive something to see if just about anyone could use it easily, let me know. Obviously I’m not adept at figuring these things out.

ETA: The search box at the very top of the page doesn’t work for me, it must be a browser setting or something, I find the same problem with my FF at ravelry. I thought it might be 3rd party cookies but they are enabled, I just checked. The “form” part of the page shows but no search results.

Maybe it’s what you use for search words? I just typed in ‘video m1p’ and got lots of results but they were all for forum threads, not the videos themselves. Using ‘purl decrease’ brought up the videos for SSP, and another left slanting purl dec. ‘Purl increase’ brings up pfb both english and continental. It’s searching on the descriptions written for the videos rather than by name I think. So you have to be very specific in the words used. ‘Circular Gauge swatch video’ brings up a link to standard knitting in the round, not the flat knit swatch.

Thanks, Sue, but it doesn’t matter what I search on, I get white space and that’s all. It’s something I’ve set in my browser or an extension or something, I just don’t know what. My son could help me figure it out, I expect it’s a privacy thing since I am paranoid and go to extremes. I just save Chrome for things like that and don’t use it for online banking or ordering from Knit Picks or anything else I feel really wary about. That didn’t stop someone from using my debit card fraudulently but the bank didn’t think it had anything to do with being online.

Did you scroll down and/or wait a few seconds? I thought I was getting nothing, then after a couple seconds there were results, especially scrolling down. The page was waiting for the links to other sites to load, then so did the rest of the links.