Finding a special mitten pattern

I have scanned all over my Internet and have looked in more places than I ever shop at! I’m pooped and frustrated! HELP! What I’m looking for is a pattern for adult mittens that has INSERTED THUMBS (not the thumbs that stick out from the sides). I had this pattern once and I just can NOT find it again!!! It is somewhere in all this STUFF I use for knitting and cannot find it. Do you have one??? HELP!!! (I have been knitting since I was 3 years old and I’m now 64, but not THAT stupid!):cheering:

Thanks for everyone’s help! I’m new at this forum stuff!

I’ve never heard of inserted thumbs…do you mean a thumb with a gusset so it’s more hand shaped? Or the Scandinavian looking ones with the thumb in back?

I thought you meant the thumb as I always knit it (by now): you just put a few stitches to a holder and then cast on the stitches again in that row to bridge the gap you created. Then you use the stitches you put aside and pick up stitches from the cast on side (or one extra in each corner).

You can pretty much leave out the gusset instructions in the other patterns and just work a tube of the same size up to the fingers on a glove or the decrease on a mitten.