Finding a pattern

I’m not sure how to go about finding a pattern. I have some yarn that shows 2 fine on the label, says to use US 3 needles. I have a set of circular needles that are size 4 and I want to find a sweater pattern that I can use those needles and this yarn. The yarn is a mix of Nylon, Acrylic and Mohair in the most lovely lilac color. I have 10 skeins of it. I have done some searching and can’t seem to figure out how to find a pattern. It doesn’t have to be a free pattern, I just want to make a really lovely sweater with this lovely yarn.

Any help is much appreciated!

Are you in ‘Ravelry’? If so you could do a search in there. Type in what yarn it is and see what other people have made. See if anything takes your fancy.

I’d like a lot more of the searches on pattern websites to be in ‘weight’ of yarn. So you could type in ‘worsted weight’ and there would be a range of patterns.

Have you tried this website;

What weight is ‘2 fine’?

You can search by gauge on garnstudio. Input the type of sweater (you didn’t indicate in your post so specify if cardigan, pullover, etc), and the tension of your swatch. You can’t really search solely by weight of the yarn because the ndl sz and how you knit are major factors.


A 2 is a fingering or sock yarn weight. I think a sweater could be knitted on size 4s, though it might be a looser knit than you’re used to. The free patterns at show needle sizes in the lists.

My one suggestion would be to think about buying another size needle-- if you find a pattern you really like and another size will get you gauge, you’ll be happier in the long run if you splurge on getting another set of needles or 2.