Finding a particular yarn

Hello everyone!
I was fortunate enough to be able to borrow this really cool Punk Knits book with a bunch of awesome patterns. I would love to tackle one (the Kozmik Kami, if you are familiar with the book), but am having an issue with the yarn involved.
While finding most of the yarn has been a piece of cake, this pattern calls for Lana Grossa Viale Yarn in Hot Pink, and it must not be made anymore because I cannot find it anywhere!
The pattern isn’t very descriptive of the yarn, just saying that it is 100% microfiber, though from the picture of the piece, I can deduce that the yarn is similar to a ribbon.
Does anyone have any advice on substituting yarn in a pattern when you don’t really know the exact texture of the yarn? I tried to find a pic for you folks, but can’t seem to find one online. The ribbon yarn looks similar to Crystal Palace Choo-Choo yarn, though the pic in the book isn’t really big enough to see clearly and the gauge is different.
I’d appreciate any advice!!

Yeah, the problem with books is some yarns may be discontinued a few years after they come out and aren’t to be found.

You can sub something that gets the same gauge, similar fiber helps. Lion brand Microspun is a microfiber, it’s a fairly thin sport or dk weight. You can check the original yarn at and see what might sub for it. What gauge does the pattern say to get and on what size needles?

Gauge is usually the most important thing to look for, but a different texture would affect the pattern as well.

This ribbon yarn is 12 sts over 4 inches, recommended needle is a US 10. Ravelry doesn’t say discontinued, but it I guess it might not be updated. :think:

Crystal Palace Choo-choo is the same gauge so I’d say it’d probably work. It does look similar based on what I can see, too.

Are you a Ravelry member? If so, you can search for the yarn and see who has it in their stash. Anyone who has marked their yarn as “up for sale or trade” will show up first. Try PMing those guys first, and if nothing, then try PMing someone who just has it in their stash. I have a few things in my stash that aren’t marked as for sale, but I would be willing to part with them.

I didn’t search for it but I bet someone has some! :slight_smile:

Or try a sub… Either way, good luck!

Thank you all very much! I’ve only been knitting a year, and didn’t know about Ravelry or yarndex! I’m gonna go ahead and give it a shot with the Crystal Palace Choo-Choo, thanks for the advice!:cheering: