Find a pattern

I know this is a hard one, there are so many good posts on this forum and so many ideas. I have to learn to keep track better. (like start using favorites)
I came across a pattern in one of the posts for a womans sweater, the front was a low v cut, with like lace across it and the sleeves were long and almost like belled at the wrists.
Does it sound like anything anyone else has seen and knows what I am talking about? :??


I know this is a crazy thing to ask, but I can’t get the picture of the sweater out of my head. :wall:

Is it this one? I’ve been drooling over it for a while …


You are the greatest. Thank you thank you. You don’t know how crazy I was trying to find this pattern. :happydance:

Now, do you think I can handle it. I have made mostly Pure and Simple patterns, but I just love this one. It says Intermidate, is that the same as beginner :??

Thanks again,

Happy to help, Marilynn!! Know what you mean when you’re :wall: trying to remember where that dang pattern is! :wink:

Honestly, I’m a beginner, never having done anything more complicated than cabled hats. You might want to list what you’re capabilities are, and see if more experienced knitters who’ve knitted Sahara can tell you if you’d be up to it. But! they keep telling us to just jump in and do it, so … :wink:


Hijacking for one second…You mentioned a “Favorites” feature on the forum? Can you lead me to it? I haven’t been able to find it anywhere and would love to use it…

BTW - Great pattern. Happy Knitting :slight_smile:

The favorites I use is by bringing up a site or item and right clicking on my mouse so I can add it to my favorites on my computer.

I do not know if the forum has its own favorites.