Finally! The Forever Long (as in time) Scarf!

I call this, “Elise’s Forever and a Day Scarf” 'cause it took that long! lol…I love the way it turned out but man was it tedious! The scarf is for my friend, Elise (duh…lol) and I started it last winter…I did, however, let her know it would take me a while and promised I’d be done before this winter so I kept my end of the deal! I’ve also vowed to never knit another scarf, ever! :teehee: It’s folded over for the pic but it’s probably about a little under 6 feet long and it’s alllllll garter…I used Cascade yarn and I think a size 7 needle…Ugh…lol

Gr8 job its wel done …thnks for sharing

wow, that’s long! I know how you feel about scarves, they seem to take foreeeeever, especially if they’re in the round, like mine is at the moment :frowning:

are they here favourite colours? or a school team, something like that? I like the red!

Well it turned out great! I must be in the minority - I love doing scarves! LOL

I’m not sure, really…lol…I think it could be because I made a purse for myself a while ago that was red and black stripes that she really liked and decided she wanted a red and black scarf…lol…I know it was shortly after seeing my finished purse she asked if I could do a red and black scarf…

It looks great! I agree about scarves. I have done several, but I really don’t like them. Even if the pattern is an interesting one to start with by the middle you want to stab yourself with the needles! :lol:

It’s so true! After I learned to crochet I made a scarf and I swear, I had it done SO fast! It was a double crochet stitch (so the stitches were big) with a shell edge …It took, in total, about a day from start to finish…lol…So I’ll go ahead and crochet scarves but knitting them anymore…No way!!

It looks great Demonica! At least you kept your word :teehee:

I love scarves but I do get to a point where I feel like it will never ever end - you know that point where you keep measuring and trying to convince yourself its really long enough or that with blocking it will be long enough :rofl:

I just learned to crochet, but all I’ve done is a granny square that I keep making bigger and bigger and bigger - I just can’t stop! :roflhard: I’ll have to crochet a scarf and see how I like the outcome. You’re not the only one I’ve heard from that said that it goes so much quicker with crochet :wink:

It’s very pretty, demonica! I’m sure your friend Elsie (my cat’s name too, hehe) will love it.

Next time you NEED to make a scarf (and who knows? just might, never say ‘never’)…use bigger needles, and make it only 3 feet long, that’s my fav scarf length, and it goes pretty fast with larger needles.

I’m still making scarves and love giving them as gifts. I think of them as little ‘hugs’ across the miles. My faraway friends love that.

:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard: OMG, I’ve sooo been there! Like every couple rows, even though you know there’s no way you’re close to being done, you just have to see how much closer to the end you are! And then, of course, there’s the point where ya finally decide, aw screw, it’s done enough! :teehee:


so true! my scarf is only half done and it already fills a shopping tote…

plus it weighs a ton, so frustrating the way it gets twisted as you knit because it’s in the round! I’m looking forward to having it done!

I’ve enjoyed the process though, I like scarves because as items go, they’re one of the less time consuming (for me anyway!)

Great scarf,the longer the better.

Brilliant colours!
thumbs up

Ohhhh I know EXACTLY whatcha mean! About the forever and ever and ever and ever knitting!

It certainly is a handsome, striking scarf!

I like your scarf! That’s my kind of pattern…garter, garter and more garter…you don’t even have to think about it, really. Now, if I had to make a bunch of them…it would be a different story.