Finally Some Knitting Time!

Between the Winter storms, my work schedule, and general goofing off, I haven’t had much time for knitting over the past several days. I’ve missed it too.

Tonight I am parked in a small truckstop out in the middle of nowhere in SD. No distractions, so I can finally get the needles out for a while. :cheering:

I’d like to finish this scarf some time yet this decade. :rofl:

Enjoy your knitting and get on with your bad self.
I’m about to finally hunker down with some Malabrigo myself…and maybe hot chocolate.

PS–I love reading your posts :slight_smile:

Hey, glad to hear you’re not stuck in the ice!

Hey we need an update… a pic… a discription something!!!

Let us know how you’re doing!!


yay! :cheering:

Thanks folks.

Ok, as for an update, it’s coming along ok. My knitting is getting much more consistent and the stitches more even. As I haven’t had much time to work on it lately it’s still only about 29" long.

waves from the distance I’m in SD!!!

The first project usually seems to take forever, after that they sort of speed up. Your needles will be flying in no time :thumbsup:

Diana; I’m in Murdo tonight. Will be passing through your area tomorrow morning. I’ll make sure to wave

My first scarf, in the not too distant past was done really quickly, the second one - exactly the same pattern for the 1st recipients sister seemed to take fooorrreevvveeerrrrr…

I was so pleased when I finally had those two finished that I created the Wheelchair happydance - which involves rolling one way then the other way and clapping every now and again! No - I had not been on the vino, but it felt like it!

Its so good when you’ve finished a project you’ve worked hard on.

Keep us informed and I agree with Snowbear - show us a pic!!!

I’ll see about posting a pic once it’s finished. Should be good for a few laughs.

I don’t think you’ll find too many people on this site laughing at any project you complete. We all know how hard it can be even to do the simplest one.

Since you’re about half way through your scarf, have you started planning what you’re going to do next? :teehee:

Golly, with you traveling all over, you should be able to hit some really good LYS.

Here’s my question for you…are you sick of the color red yet? I knitted my first scarf in a country blue for my mom…and I kinda can’t stand the color now. I don’t mind any of the other colors I’ve worked with…but blue makes me queasy. Spent so much time on that thing!


It’s good to know you’re ok :waving: . The first project is always takes forever. My first scarf took almost a month with all the :frog: and it was in all garter st. You’ll be done in no time. Try a cable project next. You always feel so advanced when you do cables. Maybe a cabled dish cloth. Good Luck and I hope you can stay ahead of the weather.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

I probably missed you or I would’ve waved when you passed by! I’m in South Dakota also & Murdo is pretty close to the middle of nowhere. It’s usually one of our stops when we’re crossing the state. I’m near Rapid City also.

Glad to hear you’re getting some knitting time. I have 2 little ones, so my knitting is very distracted also. I’ve barely knitted in days.

Welcome back Mason~! :cheering: :happydance:

glad you made it through the storms!


Thanks all. It’s been an interesting trip punctuated with mechanical failures, loss of heat, and general tomfoolery, but otherwise business as usual.

Stuff happens.

And no, the color red hasn’t yet offended me. LOL

Good for you! :smiley: I know how it feels like when you have no time to knit… :pout:
I’m currently studying in highschool and my schedule is completely FILLED with my courses, I have no spares, etc… :verysad:
Good news is that my first lovely spare is coming up next semester, so I’ll have more time to knit, probably :happydance:
I’m looking forward to see your finished scarf! Way to go! :cheering: