Finally saw the charity Knitty Gritty today

I TiVoed it Sat but just now got to watch it…they made the cutest things! It did bug me though how quiet and muted Vickie seemed, though…reminds me of how people talk about breastfeeding, like it’s shameful and best done in a dirty bathroom or something :rollseyes: Overall I was impressed with the projects though! Can’t wait for more new Knittys!

edited to add: I definitely wanna make the bear and a Pink Ribbon bag…not really the way they made it, though…I would love to incorporate the pink ribbon into the actual pattern and make like a Booga Bag, my Mom would love that! The kids would love their own bears, too :heart:

Oh, I think that would be nice :smiley:

I knit the bear, it’s blocking now so I can (yuck) seam it up…I put a skirt on her, and used leftover yarn from a couple of tops that I made for my gd, this way, the bear (LOL, it certainly doesn’t look like one now!) will match her shirts :smiley:

SOOO cute, Becca!

We got beetles here, too Becca. Japanese beetles. They are not the nice kind at all. :frowning: What kind of beetle do you have!? I hope the nice kind!!! samm

Oh Samm…the Beetle in my siggy means a VW Beetle…1973 Standard to be exact :smiley: