Finally! Organized

I think she means that she has them on her Kindle, and also has a physical copy. I think she’s donating the duplicate physical books to the library.

Believe it or not, these bookcases have ‘stackability’. You can stack one on top of another. There are holes on the tops of the bookcases that another pieces fits into…then you can mount one one top of another using that ‘connector’.

I didn’t because I’m so short…and don’t like to climb…but also for safety. We’d have to ‘secure’ the bookcase to the wall.

But thanks for the info, Jan! I didn’t see ‘taller’ ones at our Fred Meyer. I also purchased 2 bookcases that weren’t as wide, but the same height. Fred Meyer was having a sale: buy two-get one free! (mix or match) Well I’m a sucker for a sale. Our Fred Meyer also had “corner units” too. Same height. Very useful for unusual places!

She means that since she’s downloaded the book’s contents to her Kindle…there is no longer any reason for her to keep a hard copy on hand.

Kinda like having a DVD movie downloaded to your computer…you may think about getting rid of the actual DVD to save space. :thumbsup:

Edited to add:
And, now I see that LisaR gave the absolute right answer! Sorry for duplicating what you already said so well, Lisa! Didn’t mean to overtalk on your answer! You were right on!

Ohhhh okay, that makes sense. I couldn’t figure out how you’d get the copy from kindle into book form. :lol: I have Kindle (and a book called Casting Off by Nicole R. Dickson) on my iPod Touch. Love having it there!

Oh that’s good to know, Dollyce. I didn’t realize they could be stacked. I’m only 5.3" so I know about being short, too. My extra 3" don’t do me any good either. :teehee: My shelves are from Ikea…the whole room is Ikea including my computer desk actually. :wink:

I love Ikea stuff, I hate assembling Ikea stuff!

These Fred Meyer bookshelves are all assembled, and hinged, so that (to put away) the shelves themselves can be raised in the vertical position, the sides fold forward to the center, and the entire thing can be laid flat under your bed!

Jan and Dollyce both - great jobs!!! Doesn’t it feel awesome to have it organized like that and know that if you’re looking for something specific you can put your hands right on it? I need something like that. Will have to look into those shelves.

I feel 1,000 lbs lighter! If you could have seen the disarray in there BEFORE this!

Organizing books, magazines and binders is really a challenge. When I joined Rav and finally GOT WITH IT…it was so nice to get my yarns organized. Photos, data, etc!

I look forward to the day when my art studio is ALL KNITTING: yarn, books, mags and binders and all! At this time, half of my yarns are in a Home Depot yarn closet, and half are in a big wicker trunk. I’d love to bring it all together into one dedicated KNITTING SHOP-ROOM!

There must be something in the air!

Spent all of last weekend sorting stuff. Not knitting stuff, but other detritus. Eventually freed up an under bed box for my yarn, so now its in colour order :happydance:

And got a folder for my patterns. Thought 20 pockets would last ages, didn’t realise I had that many, its nearly full !!!

What I love more than knitting (is that possible?), and talking about knitting is ORGANISING :woohoo:

Organizing:?? :hiding: What foreign country is that strange word from? If my house were organized I think the walls would fall in from shock.:roflhard:

Really nice set up!

LOL! I’m the type of person who will see a messy room and offer to come over and sort it with you later. I love re-tetris-ing a room for better traffic flow.I reorganize the living room about once every other month :teehee:

Just yesterday my bf and I moved the bed against the wall, moved the floating nightstand,my typewriter stuff(<3333),his bass guitar and some storage stuff to a different place to make room for a dun duh da DA! sewing desk:woot: :woot: :woot: And somehow there is [I]more[/I] room in here than before.I’m telling you, re-tetris-ing.

In a couple days we’re going to basically raid every thrift store we know exists like mad people in search of such a desk to fill the new void and a nice trunk like the one I keep my yarn in for spare blankets to place at the foot of the bed.Ah, I love thrift stores.

You all have inspired me. I sat down with my wooden spools and made this organizer a little while ago. Now, I have an idea of what circs I have. I have more, but they are too big to fit through the holes of the spools, so I’ll have to drill them out some.

Wonderful idea! spools! who woulda thought of it! Thanks for the photo!

Wow you guys are so organized!

I have my stash in Rubbermaids so I can’t actually look at it unless I haul them out. :frowning:

I have 2 bookshelves from Ikea I need to assemble. My latest book purchases have put my current bookshelves over their limit!

Here’s the website I found in case you’re interested. This only took about 15 minutes to do.

What I like about the Ikea ones (if they are the same as mine) is that you can get doors for them. It helps keep your stash clean and it looks so pretty and colorful through the glass doors.:thumbsup:

That is just so darn cool! Love it! :thumbsup:

You organizers are inspiring me! Your rooms (and spools) look beautiful!! I want to leave work right now, go home and start attacking my “craft room”!

…and Meowmeow, I think you and my DH are “astral twins”. He has an LP Album collection that he probably started when he was 10 years old. He’s 55 now, so you can only imagine. (Literally hundreds of albums!!) They’re arranged in alphabetical order by artist, and when he has more than one by the same artist, they are arranged chronologically by year. We’ve had several floods, so some of the album covers (and art) have been lost, but he found some 12" x 12" manilla envelopes, and made his own (minus the art of course, but still a protective sleeve.). He has everything from rock, blues, 80’s music, etc.

I had to laugh at your “re-tetrising”. I can totally relate! :rofl:

…and Meowmeow, I think you and my DH are “astral twins”. He has an LP Album collection that he probably started when he was 10 years old. He’s 55 now, so you can only imagine. (Literally hundreds of albums!!)

:open_mouth: I almost wish I could jump to age 55 just to know what my LP collection would be like then.I just started sometime before Thanksgiving.

I have neighbors that listen to really loud rap so I have to counter that with really loud -what I call-“good music”. They are probably ridiculously confused at this point as my “good music” can be anything from punk to reggae to metal to classical and opera.I can say with complete confidence that no one else in this neighborhood has Wagner records :teehee: ahem or secretly conducts along to the songs when no one is looking >_>

I had to laugh at your “re-tetrising”. I can totally relate! :rofl:

How much more of a nerd does it make me if I admit to singing the song while I rearrange…[B]every[/B] time? :roflhard: