Finally! Organized


Well I spent 7 hours last Saturday tearing up my Art Studio to include my knitting stuff with a semblance of organization! The north wall of my art studio is now dedicated to my books, magazines, binders, and small knitted items, such as my hats and scarves!

I bought these 4 bookcases at Fred Meyer. No assembly.
Not too expensive. They will fold flat for storage or transporting.

Far left bookcase:

Middle two bookcases:

Far right bookcase:

I shoulda taken a “Before” photo! But it would have been embarrassing! :eyes:

Wow! It must feel good to have that all sorted out and organized. :happydance:

I like it!! I am in the process of doing the same but I think it will take me longer because I have textbooks(math) as well as my knitting/crochet/sewing( all kinds), desk, and more. My room is an office as well as a craft/sewing and more. I figure I will be done sometime this summer, lol!:cheering:

I also have a Coleman camp chair in there (it has a side table that pops up).
So I can sit with a cup of coffee, and rummage my books, binders and magazines in peace!

It’s not gorgeous, but it folds up, AND it is really comfortable. It supports my back just right! I got mine at Fred Meyer when they run their camping equipment sales! But it is also for sale at!

Mine is tan canvas, not gray.


You are my hero and an inspiration. :notworthy:

Wow! I love it! Good job! :woohoo:

:woohoo: Looks great!

I esp. love all the scarfs. I have so many and eveyone keeps asking why I make so many. I think they’re a great project. :heart:

I’ve fallen head-over-heels for scarves and hats! :heart:
A girl just can’t own enough hats, scarves, shoes and bags, can she? :wink:

:happydance: :yay: :blooby: :waving:

good job! now you can sit & knit guiltfree

Holy moly…you have a lot of knitting books! It looks great though! I my stuff half organized now. Need to get back to that. :teehee: I don’t use the hanging thing anymore and the books are not knitting related. Just my paperbacks.

Both of you have great storage!

On the floor to my left, at the moment, are all my knitting and crochet books (well, most of them) waiting to be put on my library page on Ravelry. Actually had two copies of the book 2-at-a-time-socks. Posted the second one on PBS, so I can get a credit for it; but did I know? No . . . had a bunch of stuff that was hidden.

My room is crammed full of books, sewing, yarn . . . all the neccesities of life.

That looks so nice, Jan! Very nice indeed!

points to self We have an organizational freak over here :woot:

I love how the random books on the ends are the [I]perfect[/I] size to work as bookends.My reference section was that nice before my bf took the book holding it all together T_T

I [B]really[/B] need to make the trip down to Ikea(rofl, it’s a block away) to find some baskets to put up on my shelf and hold my LPs.I’m getting Toots & the Maytals 54-46 and I really don’t want that thing just laying around…with my cat…who has claws…I almost cried when I found Jefferson Airplane’s Surrealistic Pillow at the thrift store for 99 cents.I don’t know how I’d react to that getting scratched O_O

Ahh…I can see them now all organized into “classical/metal”, “punk/reggae” and “just plain weird” categories.

:roflhard: meowmeow, you are too funny! :hug:

Jan, that looks great! I got my needles and patterns all organized, but still have lots to do!

I just remembered…one thing I did recently was to get a 2 drawer file cabinet. It’s wood and DH painted it to match the Ikea shelves. Now all my loose patterns are organized! :cheering:

I really like those folding shelves you got, Dollyce. That was a great idea. They have tall ones as well if you ever want to add more space. :lol:

WOW! Right now I am going through my book cases and putting books I’ve got on my Kindle into boxes for the local library. I don’t dare put up a picture of my desk right now. The stacks of books, magazines, and yarn are mind boggling from just a physics standpoint.

How on earth do you give books you have on Kindle to the local library?? :??

People like you make me sick. :lol: You do realize I’m kidding don’t you? Wonderful idea and a good job of it, but this level of organization just isn’t going to happen in my life. :oops: