Finally moved! Knitting FOUND!

Hi everybody!
we finally moved, it took us 4 exhausting days… AND I CAN’T FIND MY KNITTING:hair:! So i’m a bit frustrated… I’m so glad i took a very long weekend off :passedout:. But i’m also glad that we left our previous apartment, i really started to hate that place because of the neighbours and the landlady (who almost gave a nervous breakdown today…). the pets are adjusting rather well, except for our older cat, she’s upset a little bit. Hubby works nights this week, so i’m sitting right now, looking at boxes (and there are so many, i don’t know how we managed to store everything in smaller place) and i can’t even start unpacking because we’re going to paint the walls (right now they are green in bedroom and living room and peachy in the other bedroom). I decided to make a soup, so i spent half hour looking for the stuff i needed:rofling:.
Well, i just had to vent. Moving is frustrating… On the positive side - we have a supermarket across the street, a post office and other little shops, so it’s convenient. And we have a park here to walk Tyra and take kids out (when we get to the kids’ part in life :rofl:).
Have a great week :muah:

[I]Congratulations on your move,i know how you feel we moved a year ago due to our neighbours,the best thing we ever done.Hope you find your knitting soon,when we moved i made sure that my brother had it moved first and put it where i could find it. [/I]

I just moved and I had 100 boxes believe it or not…some quite small but my place still has rows of boxes. Since the majority of my knitting is in tubs that was easy to see. I used a texta to mark the contents on all sealed boxes. :slight_smile:

I put the knitting in a plastic bag and now i’m trying to figure out where it is :think:. My hubby marked the boxes, but rather generally (“dishes” - mmm, that could be many things…). I hope i’ll find the knitting soon, before i loose my mind…

What a great excuse to order more yarn and needles!


I’m waiting for two hanks of MCY wool/silk to arrive, it was on sale on eBay and i got hooked by the colors. I’m waiting for next month, when i get extra money on my paycheck… I have a few ideas (malabrigo for a shrug for my sister, denise set and maybe knitpicks if i’ll find someone in the US to post to…). Besides, the moving made us spend lots of money (movers, paint etc. and stuff for the new place).

Still in Jerusalem Nat? What neighborhood?

I hope you find it soon! I don’t think I’d stop looking until I found it. Hope your older kitty settles down and you get your painting done. It sounds like a very nice neighborhood.

The usual slams we can afford…Kiryat Menahem. Not really nice in quality or the people, but we got a 2-bedroom apartment in this hugely long building, so it’s 1 bedroom bigger than previous place. And we have a crazy guy on the same floor, announcing all day long he’ll never die :lol:… And it’s only 2nd floor out of 4, i didn’t want high, i have trouble climbing all these stairs (i get headaches). Good neighbourhoods are very expensive, so we can’t afford it.
If you’re in town - let me know :slight_smile:

At least you found the computer to hook it up.:happydance::teehee:

I always start with the important appliances :lol:

Thanks Nat. Good luck in your new place.:hug:

Thank you, Jeremy :muah:
I’m still adjusting to the new area…

And i finally found my knitting! I already started to lose my mind, but finally found it under all other bags. :cheering::cheering::cheering: Am i excited or what?



I’m scheduled for a move by the end of the summer depending on SO’s job hunt…

so… any advice on keeping track of the knitting while in the process of packing, unpacking?

Permanently chain the knitting bag to my arm? :?? :think:


Well, i really didn’t have the time or the will to concentrate and knit in these past few days, so while packing and unpacking i put it aside. I was too busy and too tired to even think about it. So my advice - pack carefully, put it where you can see it and it won’t get lost :teehee:

Glad you found your knitting.

We just moved from a 3,000 sqft house into a 1,600 sqft townhouse. :clink:

Now, half of that 3,000 sqft house was unfinished basement, but still.

We had a garage sale before moving, donated tons of stuff, sold stuff on eBay and we STILL can’t fit everything in here! Luckily our new townhome community is having a garage sale this weekend. What hasn’t found a home by Saturday will be sold!

BTW, I hate moving and hope to never have to move again!