Finally I can get back to knitting!

Last month I quit my job, all I’ll say is this…I have never worked in such an unprofessional and racist place as that office was :twisted:. I’m still looking for a new position, but I get a chance to get my knitting in!!!

This week I took time off to get the Spring cleaning done :woohoo:, I finished my last “task” this morning and now I can get back to my project!!! At least until Hubby gets home.

He asked me last night if I had seen the modem when I was organizing the basement, he wants to make some changes to the internet hookup. I said nope that I hadn’t. He said that he will have to go through the boxes and find it, I’m thinking he is joking but nope :chair:. I’ll be back downstairs cleaning up AGAIN when he is done :gah:

Oh well…Maybe I’ll get lucky and he’ll find it in the first box he checks :roflhard:

Glad you’re getting some knitting time in!