Finally: Hat Menagerie Batch 2

Here is the last of the hats requested by the nieces and the nephew:

This is the ski mask for my nephew (He thought he looked like a ninja, I think, which was cool by him):

And next we have the cat hat for a niece:

And finally the flop-eared rabbit hat (on model):

And here’s the side profile, so you can see the . . . . ahem . . . bunny tail (as well as the funny face she was making):

Thanks for looking!

Beautiful! Love the kitty and bunny!!!

Oh, those are respectively, cool, adorable and too cute. Lucky nieces and nephew!

Antares, Those hats are covered with awesomesauce!:cool:

:lol: I agree!

Too darn cute!

Love 'em. The bunny hat triggers some unreasonable giggles and even more unreasonable desire to state that the next hat I make for myself will look just like that :slight_smile:

The kitty is really cute, and I like the eyes – very nice choice of buttons.

And the ski mask is cool, any Ninja would agree with that.

Overall, great job. (Standing ovation).

Covered with awesome sauce. I can’t find a better remark. Love 'em!

Thank you!

If you do decide to ever make a flop-eared bunny hat, I have some special advice about the ears, which by the way are two layers because I couldn’t figure out any other way of doing all white on one side and brown inner ear on the other. As you can imagine, this made for some rather [U]heavy[/U] ears (especially since these were extra long). So I had to come up with a means of reinforcing them at the sew-on point to keep them from pulling the hat stitches down. When I sewed the ears on, I also poked the yarn through a strip of stiff lace ribbon that stretched from one ear to the other and across the hole in the top. This seems to have worked perfectly. Time will tell for sure, though.

Yeah, the cat eye buttons were ones I finally found at a Wal-Mart, I think. The indentions around the holes in the buttons reminded me of cat eyes.

Cute hats!!!

The ninja hat is a balaclava! Originally worn by airforce pilots under their helmets!

Thank you!

Yes, you’re right, ArtLady, it is a balaclava, but I didn’t know about Air Force pilots wearing them. I’ll pass that along to my nephew (however, I suspect he’ll still like the ninja analogy better since he’s into gaming).

They date back to First World War! Red Cross volunteer knitters had the balaclava hat patterns for the men. The balaclava was a favorite for Air Force because it doubled as a “liner” inside the helmet. Also, protected them from abrasions, besides the warmth.

Here is a link for those three hat patterns, plus some great vintage photos. I got my history from this site, and others as well.