Finally got my camera working....FO. WIP Pics

I really need a new camera though…these are not the best qualitly but hopefull it will get it across okay. (Guess what I’m asking for my birthday eh? Well besides knitting stuff of course :lol:

My So Called Scarf. I loved doing this one!

Toque and scarf for my daughter.

These are my WIP. A cardigan for my daughter (it is taking me forever becasue I have to leave it to do other things but I’m almost done.) I also had to frog that sleeve as I had done something wrong.


:cheering: :cheering: WTG, everything looks great :wink:

Everything looks great. The o called scarf is adorable and the cardigan is amazing.

Everything looks great! The “tweedy” look of My So Called Scarf is so pretty! Love the colors of the sweater, too!

The sweater’s looking great!

The more picks I see of My So Called Scarf, the higher it moves on my list of Things-I-Must-Knit-Soon.

Great job!

AnreeAce…it was so much fun learning to do that. It was only my third project I have ever done so I was so proud of getting it done. Up until that scarf I had only done straight knits or purls (dd’s scarf and toque were purled completely lolI was still learning, still am.)

Everything looks wonderful - great job!

I love the fall colors in the scarf. Very pretty! Everything looks nice, you knit very good! :happydance:

:XX: Lisa

What yarn did you use for your My So Called Scarf? I love it!!! I’m going to have to knit me one for myself. The sweater looks great also.

Beautiful work! I love the colors of the So Called Scarf!

Great color choices and you have been busy!! :smiley:

Beautiful works =D

knitwit2…I used King Cole Magnum Multi Chunky. Colour 212

Thanks everyone. :oops: I really think I’ve finally found something I will continue to do… :inlove:

I love the scarfs!

I LOVE the colors of the cardigan! It’s going to be so cute!

Love them all! What a great job! :cheering: