Finally Got a swift!

recently I ordered a swift from Overstock .com. It came in yesterday afternoon while I was out on my crossing guard duty. Didn’t get it up and running due to grandson and daughter being up and running in house. So this morning, after coming inside from morning crossing guard duty, I set up the swift to spin horizontally and got the ball winder set up on the end of the cabinet that is on the wall behind my computer chair.In short order I got 6 hanks of Knit Picks Gloss Lace weight yarn wound into yarn cakes. Three of a Sterling gray and 3 of a color called Mermaid. Then I had to stop so I could rest my back since it was giving me a fit. I will repeat the process tomorrow to wind more hanks of Knit Picks yarn into yarn cakes.:yay:

I have been wanting one but not quite ready yet to make the plunge. My yarn shop always winds my yarn so I guess I’m spoiled.

I only paid 29.95 for it at and it had free shipping .it came in its own little blue plastic storage case too.

Great! Enjoy winding many beautiful skeins of yarn.

Good for you! I don’t even have a winder yet… :doh: