Finally gave friend the scarf I knit her

About 5 months after completing the scarf I was knitting for my friend I finally gave it to her. We had been away from the archery club where I see her for that length of time. She loved the scarf and gave me a big hug for it.

I told her there should be enough yarn left over for a hat and suggested she find a pattern using the weight of yarn and size of needles that I used for the scarf. She said she would do that, as she does know of a lys she could get it from.

Making someone happy with your knitting is lovely.


It does feel good, doesn’t it? I’m glad she liked it and adding a hat will be great.

I know the feeling!

Lovely! It’s such a wonderful gift of time and effort that it’s nice to know it’s appreciated.

Hand-made presents have to mean more than shop-bought ones. They truly come from you.