FINALLY FO: Jesse's Flames Sweater *Updated Pics Pg. 3*

And, here are the pics as promised (for those of you who read my “Finally Finished” thread in the General Knitting forum…lol)

The “Jesse’s Flames” sweater it took roughly 2 years to finish! (I don’t plan on procrastinating on another project any time soon :teehee:)

The pics are: front of sweater, front of sweater with sleeves, and back of sweater…Hubby picked out all the colors!

Great work :slight_smile: I just got finished reading your Finally Finished thread and was going to respond there when I noticed you posted pics here! Congratulations on finally getting it finished!!! :yay:

I realy like that and you have done a great job on it

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Nice job!
Just love the flames… and the design of the sweater.
TEMA:thumbsup: [/COLOR]

That’s awesome! Was that your own pattern?

That looks really good!! I bet your DH loves it!! I have been planning to make DH a sweater for over two years~so you’re WAY ahead of me!! :teehee:

Great job! :thumbsup:

No, I wish it were! :teehee: It’s the “Jesse’s Flames” sweater from the Stitch N Bitch Nation book. The very first sweater I’ve ever made!

That is really great!!!

Looks great ! I love the flames . Great idea !

Wow, that’s awesome! Love the flames. Nice work.

It turned out wonderful!! I know he’ll treasure it!

It looks awesome, great job on your first sweater!

You did an awesome job on that!! It looks great :yay:

NICE!!! That is beautiful! Good work (even if you did procrastinate!)

It looks great. It was well worth the wait I’m sure!

This is an AWESOME sweater!!! WTG!

Hey that’s some awesome work…After 2 years, is it gonna fit???

It looks fantastic - really nice job! :thumbsup:

Fit hubby, yes…now if it were me, that’s a whole nother story :teehee:

looks really cool, great job