Finally! FO: Heart Baby Blanket

I say finally because I started this blanket in April 2006 and just finished it last week.

The pattern is Fiber Trends Heart Baby Blanket, and I just used plain old Red Heart. I did the larger size, which included 14 repeats of the heart pattern. I really think this is a beautiful pattern, but for me, for some reason, it just seemed like every row took forever to knit. :teehee:

I started it when my sister-in-law was pregnant with her first child, and I gave it to her on Thanksgiving for the second child. :aww: However, it didn’t get quite the reception that I thought it would, and she actually forgot to take it with her. My brother came back in the house to get some juice for the baby before leaving and I guess he saw it and picked it up on the way out. But, whatever. I’m just glad to be finished with it, and nobody can say I didn’t make an effort.

It’s beautiful! I’m sorry SIL didn’t seem very appreciative, that sucks. It really is gorgeous!

Jessica, that’s GORGEOUS! You did a wonderful job!

Very pretty! I would have been thrilled to receive it! For what its worth, I have a heart baby blanket that I started in April (different than yours)…which is STILL on the needles! Guess I’ll be saving it for someone else’s baby!

oh my … I think it’s GORGEOUS!!! It sure does suck when a gift from the heart isn’t appreciated. I’m so sorry - it takes a lot of the joy out of making it doesn’t it? I only knit for those I know will appreciate it these days. My time is worth too much for it to not be appreciated. But I had to learn that the hard way … and sometimes someone you think will appreciate it doesn’t.

:inlove: very pretty!!

That blanket is beautiful! Since seeing yours, I’ve tried to find the pattern on the Fiber Trends site but don’t seem to be able to locate it. I’d love to have it if anyone knows where to find it.

I think it’s beautiful!!

Lovely lacy hearts! :heart:

That is so pretty! Fiber trends has some very nice patterns.

It’s positively DIVINE! So classy! Well done! :thumbsup:

Second on the NEED for that pattern. It is amazing!!!

Gorgeous blanket! Looks so lovely and soft cloud9

The pattern is actually part of a set of 3 patterns. It’s called Easy Knit Baby Blankets: Collection 2. There’s a pattern for a Pure & Simple blanket, a Waves of Blue blanket, and then the Heart blanket.

I just found it on the Fiber Trends site under Baby & Child patterns. It’s pattern # CH-24. I also found it here, but if you Google the pattern name you could probably find it elsewhere as well.

Hope this helps, and thanks for all the comments. It really was an easy knit, just time consuming. :hug:

Thanks for posting the pattern info. I apparently didn’t go far enough into the patterns on Fiber Trends site. Have located it now, thanks again!

Very charming blanket, I’m sorry it wasn’t received better.

The blanket is wonderful . So sorry it was not well recieved !

What a beautiful blanket! It’s lovely gift,whether or not your SIL can appreciate the love and hard work that went into it.

That is beautiful! I hope they realized its value more than you realize. When you have kids you can get rattled. When we had 3 kids we left the new baby asleep in a bedroom once when we had been visiting friends. And it wasn’t because we didn’t want her, or didn’t love her. :slight_smile:

The hearts are precious. What a lot of work.