FINALLY FO-Chocolate Shrug

This is the Shetland Shorty Shrug from made out of Lustrado. It’s taken me a long time to finish. I got to the border for the arms and noticed i needed one more skein, so i ordered it from elann and my local post office lost it. They tried to say someone must have stolen it out of my mail, but that’s just nuts…i could go on and on about it. Elann was wicked nice about the whole thing, they e-mailed me back withen hours about the problem and when i finally decided i was sick of playing phone tag with the local postmaster they credited my account so i could order it again. It showed up tuesday and i finished it last night. I didn’t end up blocking it since it ended up fitting me very well and i wanted to show it off at work.

Great job! It turned out beautiful! and you’re right - it does fit you perfectly!

Great job! It fits you so perfectly!! I love it.

I love that pattern! Good job!!

You look absolutely delicious in your chocolate shrug!
Well done! I love it to pieces!

It’s really beautiful and a great fit! I really must try that one. You are about the 5th person I’ve seen in it and it looked wonderful on everyone!!!

I love your color choice, too.


Wel done n its beautiful

Looks GREAT Candace! Perfect fit! :thumbsup:

Very pretty. Your co-workers may commission you to make some for them.

looks great on you!

i work with mostly guys…:mrgreen:

Fits and look brilliant . I just love the colour :slight_smile:

Very nice – sorry about the P.O. problem. Frustrating!

Love the color and it looks great on you!

Very cute and fits you wonderfully!

Oops! Well maybe they’ll commission you to make one for their mothers. :wink: