Finally finshed my blankie!

I’m so happy :woohoo: :woot:

I’ve been working on it since the beginning of October and I reached my goal of completing it by thanksgiving. :woot:

I got some pictures too :slight_smile:

I threw a CD in there for size.

This is a close up of the stitches. I’m donating it to foster children and it’s really warm I got to test it out before I give it away. AnyhowI’m happy and it’s time to get back to knitting some more stuff :knitting:

Pretty. :thumbsup: Did you use seed stitch between the cables?

very pretty!

Yes, very pretty! Congrats on meeting your goal!


Yes I did use a seed stitch between. I ribbed it in two places but it’s so hard to see no one would really know.

It’s beautiful!

Lovely job! How wonderful that you are donating it too!

Very nice work, someone will really enjoy that.

Very pretty. Cute colors too :slight_smile:

Nice work =)

It turned out beautiful!! Congrats!

Beautiful job. :slight_smile:

:inlove: very pretty! That’s wonderful that you are donating it :hug: