Finally finished!

This week I finished two long running projects does a dance: pink baby yarn scarf with basketweave on the RS and wavy rib on the WS and a dark purple homespun plus rainbowish trellis ribbon teddy bear. I’m really excited. So excited that I started another project, a grey/brown/tan homespun jester-style hat that I am already about 1/2 way done and I only started it yesterday. Once I get into these knitting frenzies I swear my arm is gonna fall off… :XX:

:happydance: yay. I finished…

Does a happy dance with you
just because your excitement, is a sight for sore eyes.

Thanks for spreading the joy. :cheering:

Good for you!


What a great feeling that is!! Keep at it! (And do lots of stretching in between rows ;))

WTG :cheering:


WOO HOO :cheering: … it does feel good to finish a long running prjoect (not that I know what that feels like right now :wall:

Way to go for sticking with it. WOO HOO!!! :happydance: