Finally finished (top)

Here is the top I’ve been working on since April 1st. I finished today! It’s Mikado Ribbon Lace Panel Camisole top (link below), and I used Classic Elite Elena cotton yarn. I’m not real happy with the way the picot edging stretched out the neck and armholes, and it still curls pretty bad (I laid it flat for the photo). But overall, I guess I did alright. I hope the pictures aren’t too big! :oops:

I love red and you look great in it. It looks great.

It is beautiful! :inlove: It fits you so well!

Very pretty!!

I just LOVE it, especially the color. Whatever flaws you see are certainly not apparent to MOI!

Great job! I haven’t tried knitting with ribbon yet, is it hard?

Most superb! :cheering:

I really like the combination of the lace flanked by the cables! The red is hot! Nice job! :thumbsup:

Really pretty!

:smiley: Most excellent job :cheering: :cheering: It looks great on you :thumbsup:

Actually, I used a woven mercerized cotton yarn from Classic Elite. I LOVE the yarn they used (see the link), but I was looking for a pattern for the yarn I had, not the other way around.

Oh, and btw, I realize it does look kind of reddish in the pictures, but it’s actually “light chocolate”, which I call a “rust” color.

Thanks, everyone!!

Wow, great job! I love the pattern, and the color looks fab on you!


You go girl :thumbsup:

It came out great! It looks really cute on you!

It’s beautiful! Nice job!! :cheering:

It looks beautiful, and a job well done

The cabeling is beatiful! You did a great job! I love the deep red color, it looks beatiful on you!


I think it’s very pretty! Looks perfect on you. :cheering:

Gorgeous! I love the texture and the yarn. And the design is very nice.