Finally finished SOMETHING! (Actually 2 somethings!)

I’m so excited. I finished my first ever piece of clothing. It’s called a one skein wonder (by a local knitter) and it’s a shrug for my daughter. I did learn something tho - not to listen to my daughter when she says to go up a size. So I’m re-doing it in another yarn (and a much better quality yarn) so I’m really excited. She loves wearing the protype but is looking forward to the other. In case anyone is interested, I used “I Love This Yarn” for this one. She likes the feel of the yarn - who am I to complain.

The other thing I finished was a scarf from vogue. When I first saw the scarf of someone I thought I could never make it and I did. I’m really psyched!

Now I just have to figure out how to post the pics.

Congrats! Isn’t it the most empowering feeling when you see someone wearing something that YOU knit for them? I hope you have many more FO’s (finished objects).

congrats! be sure to post pix of them!!