Finally finished! Rowan Movie star dressing gown

Hooray! I’ve finally finished my dressing gown! :cheering:

It’s my biggest project,(I’ve only done a scarf and a bag!).
It took 5 months, but I wasn’t working on it everyday. I’m pleased it’s finished and I am wondering what to knit next!

Here’s the link to my photo album, I hope you like the finished item. Thanks to everyone who helped when I got stuck!

that. is. awsome.!!! I love the color too. wow!!!

:thud::inlove: I love it! What an awesome project, and it looks great on you

Elli , That is so nice.
I think you may have the patience of a saint though.

Wow! Thatis gorgeous!:yay:

I don’t know if I’d ever have the patience to tackle something that big. Way to go!

Wow, that looks great on you!:notworthy::cheering:

My goodness!! :passedout: That’s fabulous!

WOW! That was a HUGE project! It looks AWESOME! WTG!!

Stunning! :passedout:

Congratulations, it’s fabulous! :notworthy:

I just need to know how much yarn that took??!! Wow, what an amazing undertaking. Way to go!! :thumbsup:

Just lovely! Very 1930’s.

Ellie!!! I’m speechless!!!:passedout:…It looks totally great on you!!! And you do look like a movie star!!! :cheering::cheering::cheering:

OMG I am speechless. This is beautiful. Can you wear it out?

Wow, beautiful! You must be so proud! Love the color. :inlove:

Wow, that’s a lot of knitting! It looks really cool.

Awesome project and well done!!!

I think someone in my knitting group is making that gown. I saw it on Thur. At first when she held it up I thought that it was a skirt, but now I see what the finished product looks like.




I’ll bet you feel like this :clink: now. :teehee:

It looks fantastic.

I just love it !!!:inlove:

Thank you so much for your lovely comments, yes I am pleased with how it turned out. You can’t really tell in the photos but there are little red flecks in the purple.

The pattern said 17 balls of yarn, it actually needed 19!

I could wear it out some where nice I suppose, I’ve only worn it for photos so far.

I’m glad I stuck at it, it was rewarding, it’s a shame I don’t drink alcohol because I feel I deserve one now!

Oh, I just LOVE virgin Pina Coladas! I’m not an alchy person either. :wink:

You really did such a nice job on it!!! I’m sure you’re going to get LOADS of compliments on it when you wear it out and about.