Finally finished my scarf!

I started doing this project back in september I believe, did half of it one month, stopped for another month, then it got cold & I said “i gotta finish my scarf” & I did finished it a month ago, I forgot to upload it to show you n.n
First off I want to show you inspirations of making this. Its off of a manga (japanese comic)/anime (cartoon)/live action (live version of a fiction story) that’s popular with us young ones (I’m technicly 23) called Death Note. Here’s a few of them:



& here’s my scarf

I get alot of ppl telling me to put it on eBay, I can’t do that. this is one of the projects that I’m proud of, its my own, from my own idea, & its one-of-a-kind.

I’m currently working on another project. Its a scarf, however this is for my co-worker, she wears a scarf that’s cream in color, & is cable knit, what she doesn’t like about it that it curls, so I’m making two-tone double sided cable knit - one red & one cream. Cream to match her previous scarf, & red to match her coat & ear-muffs. She bought a knitting book as a b-day & christmas gift for me, & I felt bad that I didn’t get her anything so that’s the reason why I decided to make that for her.

It’s awesome! Great job with the double knitting.

Wow, awesome scarf! I’m so impressed that you designed it yourself! I love double knit and yours is beautiful! I agree, you should NOT sell it.

WOW! :inlove:


Wow is all I can say! Really impressive!:thumbsup:

Brilliant scarf :slight_smile:

Great work! Very impressive. My DD would love that :slight_smile:

Any chance you’re willing to share the pattern if you remembered to write it down? :wink: I’d love a DeathNote scarf. That was such a good show.

Great job!!! Double knitting is something I haven’t tried yet.

So detailed!! Great job!

:happydance: Great job!!

thank you for the comments. & I’m sorry that I won’t post up the pattern. It’s one-of-a-kind, so I can’t. However I will say the knit-pro site that someone mentioned in the forums helped me, even though I had to alter it a little to get how I want it. Even while knitting I had to alter it. That’s a great place to help your knitting ideas n.n