Finally finished my first project!

FINALLY! I have too many things going at once me thinks :doh:

But I finally got my 2 yr olds hat done. She LOVES it! Which makes me feel good.

It has a LOT of mistakes in it and I almost tossed it when I was doing the end. But it was a learning experience I will give it that :rollseyes: :lol:

Anyway here it is

I forgot to add… that it was also my first time purling :??


Looks great. :thumbsup:

Oh… she is so beautiful, and the hat too!

The hat and the two year old are precious. :smiley:

Crystal, you did a great job :smiley: , especially with your 1st time purling!! And, your model is tooo cute and born to wear hats :wink:


ahhh thanks guys :oops:

Cute hat! And your DD is adorable! :inlove:

Sweet! Nice hat, cute kid!

You may see the mistakes, but it looks perfect on her!! Good job!

FABULOUS!!! :cheering:

By the way, the fact that you made a fitted object, that looks like it fits well, is quite an accomplishment for a first FO!

Looks great :thumbsup:

awww how cute!! The hat looks wonderful too!! :thumbsup: