Finally Finished 2nd Pair of Socks Ever!

A finished pair of socks is a good pair of socks; even if the toes don’t match!! My husband said if someone asks him to take off his shoes and check out his sock toes it’s their problem!!! :roflhard:

Sop 1

PS The toe problem is a long story!

That’s great! :cheering: socks are really cool, and yours look lovely :heart:

They look great! And, I like the mismatched toes! Since the rest of the socks match so perfectly, it looks like you planned it that way!

As long as he likes them, that’s what counts! They turned out great!

WTG, very nice!!

Those are wonderful!

And I would think that asking a man to take off his shoes so you could get closer to his feet might present more issues than different colored toes! :rofling:


:muah: Thanks everyone! And yes, the “foot fetish” could take off in a whole new direction!! :rofling: Not going there!! Just keep xxx


Very nice! I like the colors!

Personally, I like socks that are more “fraternal” twins! They look great.