Finally finally finished felted purse WITH SNAP!

I am trying to make a small felted purse from the following pattern:

Juli says to basically knit a large stockinette rectangle, then felt it, then finish it by sewing up the sides. I wanted to make mine similar, just a little bigger, and I plan to add an I-cord strap.

I finished the rectangle, but it seems to me that it would be easier to sew up the sides and THEN felt it. What do you guys think?

I have never felted anything and I am a beginning knitter with only a few dishcloths and a scarf under my belt…

Anyway, here are photos of what I have so far… The first pic is the right side of the whole rectangle. YES it is knit with 2 different colorways of Noro Kureyon. WHY would anyone do that? By accident of course. :doh: I thought they were the same color as the outsides were the same and they were in the same bin in the LYS. I didn’t bother to read the color labels until later. Whoops. The first skein starts at the left with the green and ends with the green. I used most of the second skein and saved some for the seaming and I cord. I think (hope) it will look okay in the end…

The second photo is of the bottom folded up where I plan to seam it. I don’t like the mustard color at the top so I am hoping to cover it with the top flap… The third photo is about what the top will look like with the flap closed.

I would seam it now, butI don’t have much felting experience to date. Noro is awesome, BTW!:slight_smile:

And finally a photo of what the back will look like…

So what do you think… seam then felt, or felt then seam??? :??

Now to learn how to make some I cord for the strap…

This is my practice purse so I can work out the problems and then make one for my BFF for her b-day. I got 2 skeins of the SAME COLORWAY of Noro Kureyon for that one. :mrgreen:

I would seem then felt!

I would absolutely seam then felt. Teh seam should be nice and sturdy as it will get ‘locked’ in by the felting process. I might matress stitch for seamimg - I have done back stitch and had some so-so results. HTH

I would also seam, then felt. But before felting, I’d baste the flap in place together with the sides and the bottom of flap against the bag, so it would all shrink evenly. You could use white crochet thread and a tapestry needle. Then take out the thread while the bag is still wet.

Thanks guys! I seamed the bag today and plan to felt it tomorrow. Good idea about basting the flap in place. :cheering:

I’m not sure about basting the flap to the purse body - won’t that increase the chance the flat will felt itself to the body, effectively felting the purse permanently closed?

I agree, otherwise there’s a chance the flap will be mis-shappened, but I’m not sure what you can do about that.


I hope you stitched it loosely - I hear that the wool in the seams can felt so that the seams pucker if not, yeah?


Yikes! I got lazy (and a little worried about felting it closed) and didn’t baste down the flap. The flap did end up a little misshapen (narrower than the purse body) so I tugged and pulled and pinned it. I think it will be okay.

I actually sewed the seams [COLOR=“Red”]insanely[/COLOR] tight (before I read redwitch’s advice). Oops. It didn’t seem (seam? haha) to pucker though. Whew!

There are so many points in this project where my ignorance could have caused horrible results, but somehow I think it is going to be okay. Beginner’s luck? :rofl: It’s drying right now tacked to some cardboard. I’ll post pics when it dries out.

Dude! If you think blocking can hide flaws, you should try felting!!! :thumbsup:

On the contrary, the flap wouldn’t “lock” to the bag.

OK, the purse is all dried and blocked now. The seams turned out fine and the flap blocked to the size of the rest of the bag. Whew!

I added a lining tonight. Omigosh that was awful. You would think someone who can do surgery would be an excellent freehand seamstress but apparently that is not the case. Oh well, not bad for a first effort I guess. If anyone has any suggestions on an easier way to make a lining, I am all ears. I have another one to do for my skull bag and I am dreading it. It does really look nicer with a lining though so I feel like I should try.

Do you all have sewing machines? I have never had one, nor learned to sew (clearly) except to reattach lost buttons. I wish there was a sewing for dummies site, but it is such a broad topic I doubt there is. Also most people are probably not sewing freehand.

Anywho, check it out!

I looked at your finished bag, and it is striking, I love that yarn and the lining is very elegant.

I have made several felted bags and have lined them. I use a iron on interfacing, like Heat and Bond or Steam a Seam. I put it between the lining and the inside of the bag. Just make sure everything is lined up evenly. What is so cool about it is, you don’t even need to sew the top edge of the bag and lining, the interfacing bonds real good.

After doing a few you pick up little tricks. Like making a square bottom lining and adding pockets. Your on your way.

That turned out great! Glad it all worked out! Love the colors! I’ve only done one felting project…a small purse and I seamed and then felted also :slight_smile: Great job! :woohoo:

Here are some lining help sites

Great job!

OK, last question, I promise! :teehee:

My friend really wanted a magnetic snap on the flap of the purse. Not knowing how these work, I just bought one. It looks like it has to be inserted in the liner, and if I put it on the flap, the attachment point will show through the backside, which would be the front of the flap…

Should I tell her I can’t do a magnetic snap and put a button instead?

Or, I could say that the inside lining could have a snap, but it can’t go on the flap. This would make the flap a little redundant though.

Or, maybe I could cover up the outside of the snap hardware with something… but what?

Maybe I should have extended the lining onto the inside of the flap… Hmmm. The lining was really hard though. I don’t really want to redo it. I could unstitch part of it to place the snap on the inside, but I really don’t want to cut a new piece and try to run the lining up the flap.

I want to get done with this finishing crap and get back to knitting! :knitting:

Here are pics in case I didn’t make sense… The first one is the way I wanted the snap to work. The second one is showing how the back of the snap would show through the flap.

I know what you’re going to say. You’re going to say I have to rip out the lining, cut and sew a new one, and this time place the snap in the lining and extend the lining up the inside of the flap. ARGH!!! I hope someone has an easier suggestion. :hair::!!!::grrr::wall:

OK, I put on my big girl panties and redid the lining, extending it up the inside of the flap to put the snap in. :woohoo:

Final pics here:

I need ice cream… no, a gin and tonic… no BOTH!!! :rofl:

What I do is use Quick Set Epoxy and glue what ever you want over the snap, I glue cool looking rocks or beads or Jewels, what ever you want. This Epoxy holds ANYTHING together. Just a thought :teehee: