Finally done!

Details: knit in the smallest size with the yarn and needle size the pattern calls for (Classic Elite Classic Silk, size 6 needles). The pattern is from Knitscene Spring 2006. I only changed the pattern when I added garter rows at the neckline in the back to better match the front.

The knitty gritty: I loved the yarn when it was wrapped in neat little balls. Knitting with it was ok but it’s not very sproingy so my ribbing isn’t as nice and neat as I’d like. Who cares though because the back, where it shows problems, is fine.

My only complaint: the single crochet along the neck line caused it to stretch. I have no idea how. It stretched so much that I couldn’t wear it at all because it completely flopped open in the front and back. I fixed it by inserting a bit of yarn behind the single crochet stitches then pulling it taut and then making sure it stayed firmly fastened on the right and left. It worked fine for a while but the one in the back has broken on me twice. I will have to replace it because it’s not wearable if it’s not pulled tight in the back as well as the front. I have no idea what I’ll replace it with though since the yarn isnt’ strong enough.

I was wrong to worry about this being too small because the opposite is certainly true!

EFIT: Fixed picture. I finally figured out the URL. Sorry about that!

Can you you post a photo so we don’t have to log in or click a link?

It looks great! I hope you can fix it to wear soon!

I like it~! I like the ribibing is it K2P2… it is very pretty… ~!

Have you thought about elastic instead of yarn for your fix? They have elastic that is a tiny little round tube, about the same width as DK weight yarn…if you can find a good way to secure it, it definitely won’t break!

Ooh–or grosgrain ribbon. It would be easier to sew in, and you can color-match it.

I did think of elastic, but I haven’t found a blue version that would work. Maybe white would work? I’d have to see if Joann’s has it.

That looks great!!!

very cute!

Hi phisch:
The top looks lovely, the color works well with the pattern. I really like the “ruching” done at the top and on the sleeves. Maybe you could try some elastic thread along the back. I hope you are able to fix it.

aineepooh1: the ribbing is k3p1.

Thanks for the elastic idea. I’m thinking I’ll look for some this weekend.

It looks awesome! I love it!! :cheering: :cheering:

WOW!!!That is beautiful!!!NICE JOB :yay: