Finally doing Einstein Coat: anybody...did it stretch & what size did you do?

Ok! Cold weather is here and I’m sick of fussy projects… I just want to knit knit knit in garter for awhile & I got a big bag of Lopi at that last sale (knit2purl2). I know it’s scratchy but I thought I could do a softer version if I like this one.

I CAN’T FIND the thread… for the knitalong… did a search…

Just wondering if anyone actually finished it, if you used Lopi and did it stretch a lot? 31 inches is pretty long already (on me) if it’s going to stretch 3 to 6 inches like she says it might. So I’m thinking of doing the small version. I’m a size 12. Any advice will be much appreciated!

You can search a single forum just like you can the forum as a whole. I found it.

Thanks Jan! I missed it somehow.

Mine is more than half done. Lopi, burgundy color.
Since it’s all done in one piece it stops being a carry-along project very quickly. But it’s a fine tv-watching, music-listening, chatting-with-friends item. Utterly mindless except for those few points where you change directions and pick up stitches.

I figured it might stretch so I’m making it 2" shorter.

I just ordered and received the book with the pattern. Hopefully I’ll get to it before winter is over.

I just finished my Einstein. I’m not tall…5’4" so I didn’t want to knit the long version, nor did I want such a long waisted coat. I knit one up somewhere between the childs and womens sizes. I kept “trying it on” as I knit along and I’m quite satisfied with how it turned out. I made it long enough to just cover my bottom. Don’t know about the stretch yet because it’s still in the 90’s here every day. I used a less expensive yarn to make it, it was the Moda Dea “Tweedle Dee” and while I’m not crazy about it, it’s not too bad and now I’m using Noro Iro to knit a second one! I found this coat a lot of fun to knit just because I didn’t have to count each and every row. The sleeves fit well even with the shortened waist. Guess I 'll have to post a pic!

Oh thanks! for posting. I was thinking I’d get no feedback because it was a separate knitalong that seems to be over.

! Definitely want a picture gie…dre… The Noro will be fabulous. I want to do one in Manos del Uruguay but can’t afford it right now.

I actually want mine to be longer since it’s so cold here all winter but I also want a higher “waistline” (she says it’s not a waistline in her post) I want it more empire waist like … the guy’s picture is like that. First I cast on 6 stitches more than the 56 and it looked way too long. Went back to 56 cast on and now it looks too short! ach

Okey doke… that Lopi does require a lot of muscle I must say.