FINALLY Christening Gown

Thanks SOOOOO very much to Lana who quite literally helped me step by step, and did EVERYTHING but the knitting!!! :slight_smile: lol…

but pics are up at

:slight_smile: Mama even said that his next formal pictures she was going to have his pic taken in it!!! THAT is sooooo cool!!! :slight_smile:


The set is adorable! I’m sure you will be very propud on Christening day, for many reasons! :heart:

looks really nice! im sure all the work put into it will be appreciated. :smiley:

The whole set is beautiful - a family treasure for sure. Great job.

:smiley: It’s gorgeous! What an heirloom :thumbsup:

Wow!!! Absolutely gorgeous!! That is really something to be proud of!


Wow are those gorgeous!!

THANKS you guys!!! it was such a wonderful day!!! And EVERYONE oohhhed, and ahhhed…lol…AND it FIT…it wasn’t too huge, and it wasn’t of couse too small. I thought the booties would be too big…but this kid’s feet are HUGE…lol…Daddy’s over 6 feet…and i think he just might pass him up!! His fingers are loooooooooooong too!!! :slight_smile:

I’ll have pics up of the baptism…sometime soon.

:inlove: :inlove:

I agree! That’s just fantabulous! Congratulations on creating a family heirloom!

It’s so beautiful! :inlove:

THANKS!!! :slight_smile:

Stunning! :inlove:

[color=teal]Heather, it was my pleasure to provide you with the pattern.
You did a wonderful job, especially since you had no picture to know what the ensemble would look like finished.
And it fit, too!!!

I can’t wait to see picutres from Sunday too. [/color]

Beautiful! :thumbsup: