Finally Back to Knitting

I’m finally back to my knitting. I was a true knitting addict. I then got pregnant and for some reason I just couldn’t pick up the needles again.

So, this past week I finally got back to working on a cardigan sweater that I had started a few months back. :happydance: I think once I got past the sickness with my first trimester, things are finally good again as far as my knitting goes.

That’s great news!!! :hug:

Great! And, by the way, congratulations!

I’m so looking forward to getting my sweater done so I can post a picture. I was so addicted and knitting [B]every[/B] day. I wanted so badly to come back and finally, I found my passion again! :hug:

that’s great- pregnancy hormones do crazy things to ya! good to hear you are back at it. just wait until the “nesting” phase starts…

Hey, I was the same way. And it sucked, big time. I had all these ideas, but I just couldn’t do it. Now, I have all of these things I can’t wait to do again and have a hard time putting down the needles to go to bed.


congrats on getting your mojo back. :wink:

Congrats on the expected rug rat as well as getting back to your knitting.

yay!! can’t wait for FO pics and new baby pics