Finally an FO... the clapotis

I hate to admit casting on for this in August (Or was it July?..)

Anyway I’m finally finished and it was so worth it! Its gorgeous!

Yarn: Decadent Fibers, Pulled Taffy
Color: Popsicle
Needle: size 6

That is just beautiful, and I love the colorway. Lovely work :yay:

What lovely work…you must be really thrilled with how it turned out! Thanks for the close-up of the stitching too…it’s so intricate and lovely.

Great share! :hug:

B-eautiful! Wonderful job!

Wow! That is amazing. Thanks for sharing. I love the colors and the intricate pattern.

That is beautiful. I’ve had this pattern bookmarked for a while, but I have a few other projects to finish up before I try this one. I’m still searching for the right yarn.

While this yarn was a joy to knit… the mohair fuzz made dropping the stitches a pain in the arse! SO… I suggest a very smooth yarn. Highly suggest a very smooth yarn. :teehee:

That really is beautiful!!!


beautiful!! :inlove:

:inlove: :inlove: so PRETTTY!!!

That is simply gorgeous :heart: :heart: :heart:

B-eautiful! is right!

I don’t even like orange, and I think it’s gorgeous!

That is beautiful! I loved being able to see the stitches up close :inlove:

It’s beautiful! I love the colors. It was definitely worth the wait.

That is just beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing … :heart: :heart: :heart: it :slight_smile:

:happydance: Great job it’s beautiful!!

Holy moly, that’s stunning! :slight_smile:

great job, it’s beautiful! I casted on mine in September but haven’t had time to devote to it. Soon…

[B]Where can I find the pattern for yarn harlots scarf. need to knit one for my sister.