Finally a pic of one of my shrugs

I made this shrug for a friend for Christmas
I am allowed to give it to her becasue she actually wants to wear it on Christmas
I am making her a matching belt with the left over Yarn (lambs Pride 85/15 Lambs-Wool / Mohair

actually glad i proofred the Pics
my daughter is youngr, so not as developed, but my Firend wears a smaller size normally

I DO so hope it fits


That gorgeous!

That is so cute (as is your daughter)! Your friend is very lucky!

Wow, that is cool and your dd is adorable!

That’s very cute!

:cheering: :cheering:
Great job!! and what a functional, useful gift.~ You can just pull your shrug over your turtleneck/long sleeve tshirt and just slap on the shrug. If you get too warm pop it off and the pop it right back on when you’re cold again!! I like the color too, it’s a neutral color!~~ :cheering:

Looks great…

Nice shrug too! :cheering:

I gave it to her today
I also used the last 3/4 Skein to knit her a Scarf / Belt / tie
I finished the Belt in front of her
she is pretty well off, but had some major setbacks so i did not ask her to pay for yarn
and she is SURE she will never learn to knit
it fit her a bit loosely, like it did on my daughter
but she knows how to Block it herself
NOT HOT, cool water, no scrubbing, gentile detergent half strength with Vinegar
she even tried to weave in the ends on the scarf herself
i ended up usung a Safety pin
she said she never had a Gift made in front of her before
and she L0VES it
I made one for myself, with an increase at the Knit3 of each row
so its overlapping
I love it, might get my kid to take MY pic in it
glad you all like it
I love making for people
but I M also proud of making for myself


Great job and lovely thoughtfulness!

Mama Bear

here is a nice Shrug i made for my DD

Back view and then detailed front


i’m making this same shrug!
i hope mine turns out as well as yours! :cheering:

it will turn out as nice
but know that the overlap at the lap is a change i made to the pattern
its a fun, easy, and forgiving pattern
you will do fine

And i want to see pics when you are done


Great job! I love both versions of your shrug. What pattern did you use?

It looks like the Anthropologie inspired Capelet pattern that can be found on forums. You can probably search here for the right links.


Isn’t that a fabulous pattern? I loved knitting it. yours are so pretty! and the one for your DD is such a pretty color. I’m making one for my DD in a sort of wine/burgundy color. What a good idea you had to make the matching belt! Thanks for sharing the story!

I recently posted the link to the crafter discussion with the tutorial… let’s see, it was :

the pattern is fun to knit, and very adaptable. the discussion has the changes many people made, and examples in lots of kinds of yarn.