Finally! A new LYS in Salem, OR

In the past two years, both of the knitting shops in Salem, OR. closed down. A state capitol without a knitting shop is ridiculous. (We don’t have a Whole Foods or Trader’s Joes’ either, but that’s fodder for another rant.)

The new store is called Tangled Purls. It’s in a little space on Commercial street, about 4.5 miles from my home (yea!!!)

If you live in the area, it’s well worth a visit. Lots’ of interesting yarns, and tons of books and patterns.

I might have to come down and visit!!!

If you’re ever up near me, lemme know… of course there are a billion LYSs here, but I can recommend my favorites! :o)

I don’t get into Salem much, but I knew about this new store. I will have to try to fit in a trip sometime.

Man, I saw “Salem” and was all like, “ZOMG!PERSONNEARME!HELPKNITTINGHELP!”

And then I saw the “OR,” and my seconds of overjoy were dashed and destroyed by the entire continent between us. :pout: