Finally a hat that I might actually wear?

I’m in the group that looks DORKY in hats… but, this might be the one that I’ll actually wear when weather gets really cold?
The hat is loose fitting and was a fast knit.
Of course, it’s not really pointed on the top- but, the ‘model’s’ lid was a little pointy for a hat. The only place that has enough light to take a photo is my laundry room’s window.

Hey, Looks great! And soft and cozy too!

Very nice hat. Looks very rich and warm. Nice color.

:aww: Thank you-- It’s supposed to snow this weekend… maybe I’ll get brave enough to wear it out in public? :aww: cloud9

Nice cables! The hat looks soft too! Be brave! Wear that hat!

Do it, do it! something that pretty needs to be worn for everyone to oo and ah over :slight_smile:

I just LOVE the color! Great job!

Very good looking hat. :thumbsup:

Thanks everybody! Weather is now predicting ‘snow.’ So, the hat might get worn sooner than I had anticipated… guess, I’ll have to ‘weave in the ends’ now? :roflhard:

The hat looks very nice. Just had a look at your blog. It is very interesting with great photos.

Thanks Sue… it was nice of you to say that and I’m glad that you enjoyed your visit to my blog.

I do update it often and there is ‘some knitting’ here and there amongst the other entries of ‘adventures’ of overseas living.

with something so pretty, you won’t look dorky! :wink:

[B]Love your hat. Would you please tell me the pattern you used. I don’t wear hats either but looks like something I might try. Am in the Chicago area and we’re getting lots of snow this year.[/B]

The pattern is from the latest issue of: Creative Knitting January 2008 and the pattern is called: Cables and bobbles beret

I didn’t use the yarn recommended… my yarn was ‘almost’ to guage and it worked out fine. So, I think that this is one of those patterns that you can use a variety of yarns and guages with it and it will still work out.

My hat has a very different look from the photo featured in the knitting magazine.

Thank you so much. I have that magazine. Will go and get some yarn now. I made a beret but it isn’t very warm. Your hat looks warmer. You made my day.

Looks great and a pretty color.

Looks soft and warm!