Fimbles - Roly Mo & Little Bo

Hi, New to your site, wonder if anyone could help. The Fimbles are a toy character from an English BBC television programme for very young viewers. I wondered if anyone had ever knit one and if so would they mind sharing their pattern. Fingers crossed, granddaughter patiently waiting for Grandma to knit her one. Thanking you in advance. Mary

You might have some issues finding such patterns. Television characters are copyrighted and from past legal cases I know the Brits in particular are very touchy about that.

I don’t have any young kids around so it could be just me but this is the first time I heard of these “fimbles” and I’ve never seen a pattern- sorry.

I did some checking on the web and even found a link to a pattern but unfortunately, it was no longer available.

I think Mason is right and copyright issues probably had something to do with it.


Check out Alan Dart’s site. He has designed quite a few copyrighted British characters and sells patterns for some. I’m assuming that he has done so with the creaters knowledge.
Here is the link to his website, its a treat!