Filati da collezione GENIO ?

Hi is anyone familiar with this yarn? It’s a chunky knit on size 7-8mm needles, 50g, described as Genio. It is 30% wool, 10% mohair, 30% viscose, and 20% nylon. It is multi coloured with a touch of sparkle. The thing I need to know is HOW MANY METERS are on it. Does anyone know?

I can find several Filati da collezione yarns on Ravlery and by Googling but not Genio.
There is a discontinued Adriatic Genio if that’s any help:

Thank you I have had a look at the link you sent me. It’s not Adriafil yarn, and not the same. The ball bands do say filetti da collezione etc but not giving me the yardage. The store I bought it from might know. I will try emailing them. Last resort I will have to unravel a ball and measure it. Thank you again for your support G