FIL Hat, yarn suggestion?

Write this date down in history! My FIL asked me to make him a hat! I made DH one for Christmas last year, and played a wretched joke on my FIL. Long story short, I had just started knitting, so I bought the most atrocious (sp?) sweater, black with yellow punch bugs scattered about, and sewed in a “Handmade by Kelly Jo” tag. DH had warned him in advance how much work I had put in…yada yada…I will say, he did a very good job of playing surprised and pretending to like that horrendous thing!
I’m cruel! But I love my IL’s and I love the fact that we can all mess with each other…
Anyways, I digress, back to the reason for the post.

Now he wants a winter hat…and I’ve got to make it great, to make up for last year!! It’s gotta be very warm, but it’s gotta be soft too. Any suggestions for the yarn? Since it’s only a hat, I don’t mind paying a bit more.
TIA ladies!

warm and soft, how about Malabrigo ?

:roflhard: :roflhard: What a funny story!! It is great that you can joke around like that!

As for yarn, a lot of it depends on the fiber you want to go with - wool, alpaca or synthetic. I used Jaeger Extra Fine Merino(double stranded) for a hat & scarf combo for my DH and he loved it!

Alpaca is wonderfully soft and cozy - and comes in all types of weights!

I would :heart: to post the pictures, but if DH and / or FIL found out, I’d be dead!!
I definitely want either wool or alpaca. And I had a feeling one of the first responses would be Malabrigo!! Which is what I was kind of thinking about using…but I wanted reassurance! And of course I knew I was in the right place for that!! :thumbsup:

Malabrigo is wonderful! Anyone would appreciate its softness!

Not to hijack the thread, but where oh where would I happen to find the delicious mmmmmmalabrigo? :thinking:

Lots of stores carry it…WEBS has a good selection of colors, and if you buy $60 worth you get 20% off :thumbsup:

Thanks Julie! I actually ordered it from WEBS! Here was my yarn porn post!! The color I got was Paris Night, and it’s gorgeous!