Figuring Yarn Weight

[COLOR=“Indigo”]So I have a few balls of yarn and I have lost their labels so I don’t know what size needle to use with them. Is there anyway to figure it out or is it just my guestimation?[/COLOR]

You can wrap a strand around a pencil or ruler and figure it by the wpi (wraps per inch) as shown th chart on the bottom of this page -

I have a question about this because the diameter of a ruler and the diameter of a pencil (seems) to be very different.

It doesn’t really make a difference - it’s not the amount USED, it’s how many trips around.

IE, yes, a ruler is probably at least an inch wide, so you’d use more yardage going around it, but it when you measure an inch long, it still took the bulky yarn 3-4 trips to equal an inch. the same 3-4 trips will go around a pencil for one inch.

That make more sense?

It doesn’t matter - you’re measuring how many wraps around, not how much yarn it takes.

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